Failte Produce Ltd Relocate to the Glasgow Fruit Market

Failte Produce Ltd Relocate to the Glasgow Fruit Market

Failte Produce, Glasgow’s leading fruit and vegetable provider, has relocated to a new state of the art facility in the Glasgow Fruit Market.

The result of a £1.2 million investment the new premises are fitted with fully automated handling systems for washing, grading, sorting and packing fresh vegetables and potatoes. Running round the clock production with increased capacity and a broadened range of cuts and pack sizes allows us to meet the ever increasing demand for prepared produce.

Operating out of the Glasgow Fruit Market places Failte Produce at the centre of food distribution in the West of Scotland and offers a multitude of logistical benefits. Chief amongst these is the proximity to our sister company, Failte Food Service , which enables us to offer our customers increased choice across all food types and a streamlined service in ordering and delivery.

Jim Cummiskey, CEO of Failte Produce explains, “Increased demand for washed and prepared produce dictates our need for investment in new plant and facilities. With ever more stringent directives being placed on food preparation facilities our investment positions us at the forefront of Scotland’s prepared fresh produce sector.”

Relocating to the hub of food distribution in Scotland and the same location as our food service and wholesale operations provides efficiencies of scale that will result in improvements in service and produce.”

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