Meet the Growers

Steve Mumford

Steve Mumford, Carrot grower

Steve Mumford has been growing carrots on his farm for more than 20 years. He tells us light, sandy soil is ideal for growth of long, healthy carrots and also helps the harvesting process. Stony soil is unsuitable for root vegetables as they grow around the stones, causing unevenly shaped produce.

Caithness Growers Ltd, Crieff

Caithness Growers Ltd, Potato growers

Caithness Growers Limited, based in Crieff Perthshire, trial potato beds (note the different colours of flowers on top), undergoing careful inspection by three of their growers.

Failte Produce have developed excellent relationships with growers, who are able to supply large quantities and of a consistently high quality, different potato varieties for different uses: boiling, chipping, baking or roasting.

Scotland's seed potatoes are of an exceptionally high quality and contribute significantly to the Scottish export market.

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5 a day initiative

5 A DAY initiative

Failte Fresh Produce supports the 5 A DAY initiative