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Failte Produce Ltd is one of Scotland’s leading specialist fresh produce companies with over 50 years experience in supplying hotels, schools, restaurants and catering outlets across Scotland.

Our expert teams have years of experience within the fresh produce industry. This, along with our relationships with hand pick growers, allows us to supply you with the very best, top quality produce from around the world. We source local produce whenever possible, engaging new hand pick growers whilst helping past produce providers re-enter the marketplace.

Our location between the two major population centres and direct routes to both North and South enable a daily service to most of the mainland with minimum additional food miles. Within our warehouse, we have various in-house departments. We can prepare produce to any size of cuts in Preparation, whenever required to suit the needs of the chef, whilst in Packing we can pack all small, baby and baker potatoes, to suit any kind of catering outlet.

Our distribution network comprises of twenty-six 3.5 ton  refrigerated vehicles which deliver daily throughout Scotland. 

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5 a day initiative

5 A DAY initiative

Failte Fresh Produce supports the 5 A DAY initiative